Case Studies

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GrafNav Volcano Monitoring
NovAtel's Waypoint GrafNav software post-processes data from the crater of Mt. St. Helens
NovAtel Inc.
Maritime Galileo Application
SEA GATE test environment, Rostock Port, Germany using EuroPak-15ab receivers
NovAtel Inc.
Airborne GPS/Galileo Test Plane
aviationGATE test environment in Germany using NovAtel's EuroPak-15ab receivers
NovAtel Inc.
NovAtel and PSU Robotics
GPS Technology and Unmanned Vehicle Systems
NovAtel Inc.
NovAtel in the Space Elevator
GPS technology helps drive the future of space commerce and travel
NovAtel Inc.
NovAtel and the Mars Rover
NovAtel antenna and GPS + INS technologies aid the Mars Rover missions here on earth
NovAtel Inc.