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Bulletins and Alerts


Release Notices  

April 21

GPS Era Issue for OEMV

March 20

Updates to the Active EGNOS SBAS PRNs

February 17

WAAS GUS Type-1 Receiver 2019 GPS Week Rollover

November 07

GLONASS Enabled OEM Cards and the Dec. 31st 2016 Leap Second

June 21

NovAtel Announces CMA-4048 LGR Business Transition to CMC Electronics

March 29

Possible NVM Issues for OEM6 Products with <6.600 firmware

January 19

NovAtel Announces End of Life for NGS Antennas, Tan and Olive Antennas

September 11

NovAtel Announces End of Life for Waypoint USB License Keys for GrafNav/GrafNet and Inertial Explorer

End of Life for Waypoint USB License Keys FAQ

June 19

GLONASS Enabled OEM Cards and the June 30th 2015 Leap Second Service Bulletin

May 14

OEM615-1 HW Product Change Notice

April 14

Firmware manual error affecting TerraStar contract end date log

April 10

GLONASS Enabled OEM Cards and the June 30th 2015 Leap Second

August 21

Legacy Firmware Incompatibility with Russian SBAS SDCM PRN 140

July 11

2012 Leap Second Service Bulletin

January 06

Waypoint RINEX Conversion Error

April 29

OEMV GLONASS Service Bulletin

April 28

OEMV GLONASS Service Bulletin

November 19

OEMV-3 Product Non-Compliance Notice

April 30

SPAN-SE Redistributes Power to Pin4 on Serial Com Port Lines

March 23

GLONASS Frequency Change

December 19

Leap Second Insertion on Dec 31

December 17

OmniSTAR Satellite Replacement in Q1

November 12

New OEM4 SPAN Firmware Special for new OmniSTAR Libraries

September 25

New OEM4 Firmware Special for OmniSTAR HP 4.28 Library

August 29

New OmniSTAR Serial Numbers for OEMV family products

June 23

OmniSTAR HP 4.27 Frequency and Broadcast Format Changes

February 01

NovAtel Inc. Announces Firmware Release Version OM7MR0200RN0000 (7.200) for the OEM729, OEM719 and OEM7700 Along with NovAtel Connect 2.0 and Convert 2.0

November 14

NovAtel's Waypoint Products Group Announces Version 8.70 of our Post-Processing Products

April 13

NovAtel Inc. Announces OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L Firmware Version 6.700

February 10

OEM6® Firmware Version 6.600 Now Available

December 22

NovAtel's Waypoint Products Group is pleased to announce version 8.60

July 28

NovAtel® Inc. Announces OEM6® Firmware Release 6.510

April 01

NovAtel® Inc. Announces OEM6® Firmware Release (6.400)

December 20

NovAtel Inc. Announces SPAN® on OEM638TM and ProPak6TM Firmware Release

October 03

NovAtel Inc. Announces SPAN on OEMV and SPAN-CPT Firmware Releases SPAN3.912 and CPT3.912

October 17

Release Notes for NovAtel ConnectTM Version 1.2.0

September 19

NovAtel Inc. Announces OEM6TM Firmware Release OEM060210RN0000 (6.210)

April 27

NovAtel Inc. Announces OEMStar™ Firmware Release 1.102

February 13

NovAtel Inc. Announces New Functionality and Features on SPAN® Platforms

December 16

Release Notes for NovAtel Connect Version 1.1.0

December 07

Version 8.40 of Waypoint® Post-Processing Software Now Available

August 31

NovAtel Announces New Connect™ PC Application

July 28

NovAtel Inc. Announces New SPAN™ Firmware Release for SPAN-SE/OEM-SPAN-SE/MPPC™

July 14

NovAtel Announces OEM6™ Firmware Version 6.1

March 07

NovAtel Inc. Announces OEMStar™ Firmware Version 1.101

November 10

NovAtel Inc. Announces New SPAN™ GNSS/INS Receiver Firmware for its SPAN-SE™ Products

August 10

NovAtel Inc. Announces New SPAN™ for OEMV™ Firmware Release

July 30

OEMStar™ Firmware Release 1.011

May 28

SPAN-SE SCD000100RN0000 Firmware Release

May 19

OEMV Firmware Release 3.800

April 08

SPAN-SE Firmware Release

August 31

API Development Kit with CrossWorks for ARM

August 24

SPAN Firmware Release 3.620

August 24

SPAN-CPT Firmware Release 3.620

May 07

SPAN Firmware Release 3.044

March 23

OEMV Firmware Release 3.620

March 17

NovAtel launches MobileCDU software, a handheld solution for in-field communication with the DL-V3 GNSS receiver