Defense & Military

Accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements are crucial for land, air and sea operations where effects from diverse sources must be coordinated in space and time.

Our GNSS technology addresses the needs of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR), including Electronic Protection, Electronic Support and Electronic Attack. This equipment ensures continuous positioning even in the face of interference and jamming. New techniques provide users with the ability to detect, locate and characterize interference sources. And use of our specialized jammers will help train users in the presence of deliberate GNSS denial.

Multi-constellation capabilities ensure maximum signal availability while proprietary software such as NovAtel CORRECT with RTK provides centimetre-level accuracy for precise operations. Augmented systems, such as our SPAN® GNSS + Inertial technology ensure continual navigation in difficult environments. 




Electronic Protection

To ensure that position, navigation and timing (PNT) are continuously available, NovAtel has the technology to provide protection from interference and intentional jamming.

NovAtel offers a number of protection techniques, with the level of protection increasing as the number of techniques used increases.

Adversaries may choose to jam GNSS for tactical purposes and may deploy many small low power jammers to disrupt GNSS over wide areas. NovAtel’s GAJT GPS anti-jam technology is a commercial off-the-shelf antenna that nulls jamming signals to ensure satellite signals required for GPS receivers will be available.

Anti Jam

Multi-frequency receivers also provide a means of protecting against interference. NovAtel OEM6 and OEM7™ receivers can use all current GNSS constellations and open signals which provide improved availability and reliability.

Spoofing makes a victim receiver ‘think’ that it is at a different location than it really is. This occurs when an adversary generates a false signal that supplants the real signal. The most robust way to protect against spoofing is for an authorized user to operate a receiver like NovAtel’s OEM625S SAASM GPS receiver, to track the military encrypted Y-code signal on GPS L1 and L2.

Electronic Support

NovAtel’s Electronic Support technology detects, locates and characterizes jammers for situational awareness or cueing countermeasures.

The Interference Toolkit on our OEM7™ receivers enable users to monitor in-band GNSS signal spectrum for interference, which can then be characterized and located with multiple receivers.

Waypoint® post-processing software (GrafNav, GrafNet and Inertital Explorer®) are used to analyze position, velocity or attitude. The post-processing software has the ability to process previously stored GNSS and IMU data forward and reverse in time to combine the results. The solution can be smoothed and output at the required data rate, and in the coordinate frame required. 

Electronic Attack

Incidents of Electronic Attack are on the rise with adversary forces looking to disrupt allied position, navigation and timing systems.

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