Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems include Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Unmanned Uirborne Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). They are utilized in a wide range of applications from military and defense applications to homeland security, aerial survey, mine detection, vehicle navigation and sport. Cost savings, efficiency and safety of life are just a few of the factors driving the expansion of this industry.

Now NovAtel offers seamless position solutions to unmanned systems integrators through NovAtel CORRECT™.

NovAtel is the world's leading provider of precision GNSS technology to the unmanned industry. Our technology has been instrumental to the success of many ground breaking applications including the first ever unmanned airbornne refueling test, the first DARPA ground based unmanned vehicle race and planning/testing for the recent Mars Rover expedition. We supply Unmanned System Developers with:

OEM GNSS receiver boards

Our high precision GNSS receivers deliver down to centimetre level accuracy with our AdVance® RTK firmware and augmented performance with L-Band services. A range of form factors, frequency and constellation choices are available to suit unique application needs. Our GNSS receivers are used extensively in unmanned system landing applications.

SPAN® GNSS/INS Tightly Coupled Technology

Unmanned systems rely on high rate data from GNSS positioning technology and inertial sensors for the continuous position, attitude (roll, pitch and yaw) and velocity measurements their navigation, guidance and control systems require. Our SPAN GNSS/INS technology provides a tightly coupled solution and is available in a variety of size, power, frequency and constellation tracking configurations.

Experienced, Proven Performance

NovAtel has served the unmanned system market segment for more than 20 years and is recognized as the world leading OEM supplier of GNSS receiver technology to this market. In addition to our high sensitivity GNSS receivers, we offer GNSS/INS modules including Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) sensors.

  • Our compact receiver solutions are designed for excellence in tracking performance, accurate positioning and attitude determination
  • Enclosed or board level OEM GNSS products can be integrated easily and provide maximum efficiency and connectivity
  • Equipped with over 300 commands and logs, our flexible solutions simplify GNSS system design for unmanned systems application developers



OEM board level and board + enclosure GNSS receiver options

SPAN GNSS Inertial Systems

Combining GNSS receiver technology with Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) provides a superior positioning solution with 3D position, attitude (roll, pitch, yaw) and velocity


GNSS receiver performance is dependent on your choice of antenna. We offer high performance, compact, low cost and ground reference station antennas. Our anti-jam antenna is available for military or homeland security applications

NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK

RTK functionality for rapid and robust centimetre-level accuracy