The need for accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements is critical for successful military operations. GNSS technology is relied upon to provide:

  • Day and nighttime navigation of unfamiliar terrain
  • Search and rescue capabilities
  • Reconnaissance planning and map creation of hostile or unknown territory
  • Ground and aerial unmanned vehicle navigation
  • Guidance and system testing capabilities

The size and configuration flexibility of NovAtel's GNSS product line allows us to meet a wide range of navigation requirements. Multi-constellation capabilities ensure maximum signal availability while proprietary firmware such as our NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK provides centimetre level accuracy for precise operations. Augmented systems, such as our SPAN® GNSS + Inertial technology ensure continual navigation in difficult navigation environments.

NovAtel's GAJT GPS anti-jam technology is designed for military and security land based vehicles. GAJT is a commercial off-the-shelf antenna that nulls jamming signals to ensure that the satellite signals required for GPS receivers to compute position will always be available.