Aerospace GNSS Applications

NovAtel develops and supplies specialized GNSS navigational receivers to national Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) including the U.S. WAAS, the European EGNOS, Japanese MSAS, Chinese SNAS and the GAGAN system in India. Based on reference measurements from NovAtel receivers, SBAS networks provide GNSS corrections and a certified level of integrity to the aviation industry. This is critical for collision avoidance systems and for systems used to improve the accuracy of runway approaches.

NovAtel’s aerospace receivers process WAAS L1/L5 GEO and GPS L1/L2/L5 signals and incorporate our patented Narrow Correlator® tracking technology, MEDLL® multipath mitigation and Signal Quality Monitoring.


Ground Reference & Uplink Receivers

NovAtel is a world leader in providing equipment for GNSS ground reference stations and augmentation networks to the North American, European and Asian aviation and space administrations

Fixed Reference GNSS Antennas

Delivers exceptional availability and high precision in permanently installed and continuously operating applications. Typical applications include network RTK reference stations and CORS systems