When providing solutions for survey companies like UTEC, the position has to be precise, reliable and repeatable. To fulfill that need, VERIPOS offers positioning services with centimetre, decimetre or metre level accuracy. Project requirements vary, depending on the client, the environment and the risk. UTEC team members often have to work in harsh marine conditions as they help clients properly plan, install and maintain subsea assets.

VERIPOS has developed a redundant system to ensure reliability through its Apex, Ultra and Standard services. Apex is only offered from VERIPOS and comes in three levels: Apex, Apex2 and Apex5. VERIPOS operates its own Orbit and Clock Determination System (OCDS) that derives real-time corrections for all available satellite constellations using proprietary algorithms. The OCDS uses data from the VERIPOS reference station network, which is independent from the reference stations used by JPL for Ultra services. When Apex and Ultra are used together, they provide correction services from independent networks that mitigate failures.

Night Rig

“Running expensive vessels precisely at sea is our main challenge, and we use VERIPOS for that,” Ross said. “In the good ole days, it cost half a million dollars a day if there was any down time or inaccuracy in position. VERIPOS helps save money through the reliability of what it does. The service that’s available and the availability of technical assistance when required means the up time is high and therefore the downtime is low, and the impact to the client is minimized.”

A True Partner

The solutions VERIPOS provides are vital to companies like UTEC and their clients. UTEC relies on accurate positioning for just about every service they provide to the offshore oil and gas industry, and any down time caused by an interruption costs their clients big, as do positioning errors. Accurate, redundant position is a must, and that’s what they get with VERIPOS solutions.

“The partnership type relationship we have with these guys is a big attraction,” Ross said. “Some other providers are controlled by competitors, so the fact VERIPOS is independent is an attractive quality. So is the reliability. They work with us on ways to save costs and the flexibility they offer helps us help our customers.”