What GAJT means for the Military

There’s nothing that gives more accurate, precise position with worldwide coverage than GPS, which is why it has become so common in military operations. But no matter the situation, military personnel need to know their GPS will deliver precise PNT—even when the enemy attempts to jam the satellite signal or the signal experiences unintentional interference.

GAJT 5“The military says there are three levels that describe the assurance of position, navigation and timing,” Soar said. “First is the ability to access PNT, next is protecting PNT, and finally there is the need to be able to trust PNT. Access is a done deal, particularly if an encrypted military receiver is being used. Protection is a work in progress, and that’s where anti-jam systems like GAJT and multi-sensor navigation like NovAtel’s SPAN® GPS+Inertial system come in. Trust is also a work in progress, though there’s a lot being done in that area as well.”
GAJT is an important technology for this
Army and others who have concerns about
GPS jamming.

“Some say the best way to overcome GPS jamming is to not use GPS, but that’s just not possible or sensible at the moment, so they need to take protective steps toward Assured PNT,” he said. “After these successful trials, they now know solutions are available to them.”