Award Winning Tech

Race fans now get a whole new experience when watching the America’s Cup on TV, with boundaries visualized on the water, real-time scoring and position updates and a sense of really being up close to the action.

AC Grammy“I don’t know how to put hard data on it, but as I’ve talked to my friends and other people in the industry, they say this made sailing understandable,” said Milnes, whose team received the George Wensel Outstanding Technical Achievement Emmy Award in 2012 for “The America’s Cup Highlight Show—LiveLine.”

The sport of sailing is growing internationally, and America’s Cup organizers are invested in constantly improving the spectator experience. With the help of NovAtel’s technology, LiveLine can now superimpose graphics on the screen as a technical aid for viewers, like ahead-behind lines that enable audiences to clearly see who is leading the race and race-course boundaries. Spectators will recognize the technology from other SportVision products, like that yellow first-down line used in the NFL, and the Race/FX tracking and highlighting system used in NASCAR.

It appears as if the success from those other sports is now finding its way to the seas, with plenty of help from today’s innovative navigation solutions.