Lightweight and Powerful

In 2014, LiDAR USA integrated the NovAtel SPAN-IGM-S1, which features the tactical grade, high-performance STIM300 MEMS IMU with centimetre level accuracy, combined with NovAtel’s OEM615™ receiver into the next generation ScanLook solution, the Snoopy A-Series. The STIM300 IMU is a small, lightweight, non-GPS aided IMU with three gyros, three accelerometers and three inclinometers.

LiDAR 1Jeff notes, “SPAN-IGM-S1 is our biggest seller and it fits well in our package. The price is right and it delivers quality results for ground, water, and low altitude aerial.”

The ScanLook Snoopy A-Series is a configurable multi-platform LiDAR solution that can be tailored to virtually any mobile application whether it is scanning rails, bridges, shorelines, power lines, roads, assets, etc. Snoopy combines raw scan data with the GPS/INS trajectory to create high fidelity georeferenced point clouds.

Daniel adds, “With the IGM-S1, we are able to reduce ScanLook to the 5 lb package it is today. Now the user can mount the system to just about anything easily and quickly. With a press of a button (and if needed a quick configuring wirelessly with a smart phone) the unit is collecting data.”

According to Jeff and Daniel, ScanLook’s light weight makes it ideal for use on virtually any mobile platform—over the edge of a boat, the front of a motorcycle, the belly of a drone, the back of a sedan, the side of a train or on top of a back-pack.

“We have customers who use the system for applications that range from searching for a lost city in a South American jungle to monitoring wells in the North Slope of Alaska to geological changes in New Zealand. The system is truly versatile,” says Daniel.