Team Work

A Team Effort

When the NovAtel team decided it was time to upgrade the OEM6 receiver, it was a place they’d been before. After six generations of core OEM development, they knew exactly what was involved in enhancing this type of receiver, Gerein said.

Adding the necessary capabilities took a solid engineering focus and a dynamic team of engineers who worked on a variety of key components, including the algorithms, signal processing hardware and embedded software. The two years it took to develop the new generation of OEM technology is typical for this type of product evolution, and in that time the NovAtel team was able to achieve results that not only meet their customers’ needs, but that also ensures the new OEM7 will stand out in the marketplace.

“The main differences between the OEM6 and the OEM7 are the channel count, the available processing cycles, and the ability to do more on the same platform,” Gerein said. The end product boasts many new capabilities and is intended for all the vertical markets that NovAtel services, Gerein said. It’s designed for a wide range of applications, offering customers robust metre-level to centimetre-level positioning solutions.

Putting the Customer First

As the leader in precise positioning solutions, customers turn to NovAtel for the company’s experience, solid reputation and advanced solutions. That’s why NovAtel is always enhancing products, looking for new markets to enter and listening to the customers they serve in those markets.

“Developing products like the OEM7 comes from a combination of listening to our customers, understanding their applications, and getting to know and accommodate the needs of customers in new vertical markets,” Gerein said. “And from that we can think about and develop products that will best integrate into their platforms so they can in turn, enhance their return on investment.”