Why NovAtel

The FAA has developed a strong relationship with NovAtel over the years and knew they could trust them to deliver an exceptional receiver with the necessary performance and capabilities. NovAtel developed a quality product from the beginning and over the years has demonstrated that the company can work well with the FAA to make further enhancements.

The FAA wanted a receiver that was easy to integrate, required very few changes to the operational system, and ensured backwards capability aspects within WAAS, Thompson said. That’s what NovAtel gave them in the G-III.

“For over a decade, NovAtel’s G-II receiver has been the reference receiver used by the FAA and has performed very well,” Thompson said. “One of the key reasons to proceed with NovAtel was to ensure the G-III was a functional replacement for the G-II unit.”

NovAtel is a respected name in precision navigation and has worked alongside the FAA to ensure the WAAS receiver delivers. NovAtel has a reputation for high-quality products and outstanding customer support, and that means the FAA isn’t the only agency turning to them for satellite-based aviation positioning needs—something Thompson says is another benefit of working with NovAtel to develop the G-III.

“Another key benefit is the potential use of this product across the globe,” Thompson said. “The FAA has a vested interest to cooperate with other SBAS providers to ensure that our respective systems are interoperable. A common reference receiver makes this job easier.”