Intentional Attack

The CAMCOPTER® S-100’s GNSS system is among the best in the business, but the UAS’s operations were nevertheless seriously compromised in 2015 when it came under a sustained and hostile attack by GPS jammers.

“The jamming occurred while the CAMCOPTER® S-100 was undertaking a monitoring mission over a conflict-ridden territory,” says Day. The CAMCOPTER® S-100 encountered persistent intentional jamming, rendering the machine largely useless. Something had to be done quickly; so, Schiebel called on NovAtel for help.

Schiebel on DeckPeter Soar, NovAtel’s business development manager for military and defense, picks up the story at this point.

“There are many types of interference and deliberate jamming, but all depend on power,” he says. “The job of the jammer is to overwhelm the GPS receiver with power that swamps the very weak GPS signal. If enough jamming power is received then any system can be defeated.

“When the jamming incident occurred in the operational area, Schiebel was able to come to us for fast support,” says Soar. “In fact, even though our GAJT-AE-N was only in low-rate initial production at the time, we were able to ship the necessary items within just days.”

He says Chris Day showed visionary leadership. “He had kept on top of what was available on the market; so, when the need arose he was ready, and he wasted no time calling us,” Soar says.