How it all Came Together

Geissler, who received a physics degree from Munich University of Applied Sciences in 1994, says he first came into contact with NovAtel in 1996, when he was working for GPS Gear GmbH. Geissler was working as sales manager and GPS product specialist.

GPS Gear was an Ashtech and NovAtel dealer. From 1997 to 2000, he worked for Ashtech and in 2000 he moved to PPM. “We became a NovAtel distributor in 2006, covering Austria and Switzerland, and since 2015 we have also covered Germany,” he says.

Geissler’s main contact on the NovAtel side is Rick Blighton, senior sales manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, and CIS for the past 10 years.

“Stefan and I have worked together in the GNSS industry for over 20 years,” Blighton says. “PPM is a specialist dealer for NovAtel, and I have the pleasure of working very closely with Stefan and their sales engineer Karl-Heinz Bergel.”

PPM sells their own system to the customer, ili gis-services, while NovAtel supplies the OEM receiver that is integrated into the PPM 10xx.

PPM has its own development department. “We do the electronic and mechanical design of our products in house,” says Geissler. For the most part, PPM works with contract manufacturers with the final assembly and quality tests done in house.

“The NovAtel OEM617 board offers a very good GNSS performance in an appealing form factor at a very competitive price,” he says. “NovAtel distinguishes itself from other GNSS manufacturers especially with its outstanding product quality, availability and its excellent support. The OEM617 is the engine, the core component, of our 10xx receiver, and the better the performance of the engine, the better the performance of the overall system!”

Blighton adds, “The NovAtel OEM617 is a powerful, small, multi-constellation GNSS receiver with excellent performance in terms of high-quality data, robust signal tracking, and highly reliable and accurate positioning.”

“Our 10xx can be used for any kind of GIS application,” says Geissler, “from a sewer line data base to a digital forestry inventory.”

In 2015, the 10xx was nominated for the Wichmann Innovations Award, voted annually by an independent jury of leading geopositioning professionals at the Intergeo trade fair in Germany.

Geisser says, “We believe that since its introduction in the summer of 2015, the PPM10xx GNSS sensor, with NovAtel inside, has become recognized as a very useful and innovative new product.”