NovAtel’s Precise Positioning Contribution to Autonomy

NovAtel’s Precise Positioning Contribution to Autonomy 

For an operator to trust an autonomous system, whether it’s a ground vehicle or an aircraft, the subsystems must be reliable and provide unambiguous information so that the autonomous system can do its job. Precise positioning is, therefore, a vital supporting capability for autonomy.

It is also important for the precise positioning system to have robustness and independent failure modes and to tell you when something is wrong. That’s why many autonomous system manufacturers turn to NovAtel. We provide receivers that can use all Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and feature tightly–coupled GNSS integration with inertial systems, plus protection with GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT®). We provide the assured positioning that enables these machines to do their jobs, whether the application is for a military purpose or a commercial one.

In military circles, the business of ensuring precise positioning is always available and, indeed, denying it to adversaries is called navigation warfare or “NAVWAR.” And, the good news about the Electronic Protection (EP) discipline of NAVWAR is that the protection measures are additive. So, one does not have to choose between multi-frequency/multi-constellation GNSS, SPAN and GAJT because their protective effects are complementary.

Finally, authorized military customers have access to the additional benefit of the encrypted GPS Precise Positioning Service (PPS), using the Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM). NovAtel has teamed with L3 Interstate Electronics Corporation to produce the OEM625S, which provides the anti-spoofing protection of SAASM with NovAtel’s centimetre-level precision. And, because it comes in a form factor compatible with NovAtel’s OEM628 triple-frequency, multi-constellation receiver, which is used widely by the unmanned aerial systems community, manufacturers can now develop their products using the open-signal, commercial off-the-shelf system and segue to the SAASM-RTK OEM625S when needed.

As the commercial market continues to grow, manufacturers must be on the same page with their clients if they are going to provide them with what they need. At NovAtel we’re working to improve communication and provide our clients with the precise positioning that they need to succeed, no matter how they refer to autonomy.