Fast Friends

Billingsley says the relationship between SmartGeoMetrics and p3dsystems actually predates p3dsystems: “It began, as most things do, with a problem that we were trying to solve. We had a video game developer who was trying to find a new way to capture auto-racing circuits. They had several criteria that needed to be met: 6-8-cm accuracy, the ability to capture an entire circuit in 1-2 days, and to mobilize and be onsite in 4-5 days, worldwide.

“We started with Christian Hesse on what became the ProScan system and, along the way, Hesse, Harald Vennegeerts and Erwin Frei launched p3d systems.”

“Contacts intensified,” Frei adds, “and eventually led to the purchase of a demo system by SmartGeoMetrics. They then became the first reseller of p3d system products in the USA.”

Pack it up

Billingsley says p3d systems built the only solution that met their client's criteria. “As time has passed, they have been very supportive as we at SmartGeoMetrics have continued to push the envelope by mounting the ProScan on everything from ATVs to canoes.”

Indeed, Billingsley says, it was the need for fast mobilization that tipped everything in favor of the ProScan: “The entire unit breaks down into 3-4 Pelican cases so that you can fly anywhere with the ProScan as your checked luggage.

“It's almost like having a half-a-million-dollar mobile LiDAR rig that fits in a couple of suitcases. That adaptability extends to the laser scanner as well, because the unit will work with any of several profiling terrestrial laser scanners.”

“The versatility is almost limitless,” says Frei. “Whenever a task demands precision, low cost and high speed, the ProScan system is a solution to be considered. It is the only system that can be used in indoor environments for high-precision, high-productivity applications, including the capturing of 3D data for architecture, engineering, civil engineering, gaming, virtual reality, progress monitoring, security, forensics, petrochemicals of course, and more.”