Behind the Partnership

The partnership between NovAtel and Stara is the result of years of relationship-building. Founded more than 50 years ago, Stara needed a superior GNSS solution to compete successfully in the increasingly tech-driven international agricultural industry. Stara found the performance it required in NovAtel's GNSS product line, backed by the Canadian firm's engineering support for its customers' product development efforts.

Jack Seitz is NovAtel's agricultural business development manager for the Americas, and heads up an ongoing partnership with Stara. “We began the relationship five years ago,” he recalls, “and continue to collaborate successfully to develop leading-edge GNSS solutions that support Stara's global business strategy.”

Weekly technical interaction with its customer's development team, annual training, and close assistance with integration of the OEM manufacturer's latest products ensure product integration success for today's leading agricultural companies.

Guilherme Oliveira, project leader for GNSS Applications at Stara, confirms the benefits of a strong supportive partnership. “Any questions during the integration of NovAtel technologies into Stara products are answered very quickly, and this is very important when we have deeply integrated solutions,” Oliveira says. “This point is also related to [Novatel's] very good quality and updated technology, and a product with a very low rate of issues during production-or for our end customer.”