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How many times have you been in the midst of gathering positioning data only to find you’ve lost your connection to RTK corrections and have to start over?

RTK is a powerful positioning engine that can provide centimetre-level solutions—if you have access to RTK correction services, which typically come from UHF radios or cell phones. Of course, radios require line of site, which is not always possible, and cell phones are prone to dropped signals. The loss of line of site or a dropped signal, even for a few seconds, degrades RTK performance.

Obstructions, dead spots and baseline limitations are familiar foes of every RTK operator.

Subscription-based RTK extension services are available to help a receiver in RTK mode maintain centimetre-level positioning accuracy during periods of RTK correction outages. These services are typically delivered over L-Band so they are accessible with standard GNSS hardware and independent from the RTK corrections.