Solution Insights

Relative Positioning: It's All Relative

The position and orientation of one or many rover vehicles with respect to a master vehicle. The relative position, velocity and attitude can all be obtained through GNSS only or GNSS/INS systems to an accuracy level of a few centimetres and less than a tenth of a degree.

Anti-Jamming: Where in the world are we?

Nullifies GPS jammers attempting to overpower the satellite signals used in the calculation of position.

NovAtel CORRECT™: GNSS Correction Services

The positioning engine on every NovAtel GNSS receiver, NovAtel CORRECT optimizes all correction solutions, putting more power, flexibility and control in your hands.

Attitude: Accuracy with Attitude

Attitude provides information about an objects orientation with respect to the horizontal plane and true north.

Interference Mitigation: Three Steps to Mitigating GNSS Interference

Solutions for eliminating intentional and unintentional sources of interference.

RTK ASSIST™: Extend Your RTK

RTK correction extension maintains centimetre-level positioning when connection to RTK corrections is lost.