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NovAtel White Paper

GLONASS Overview White Paper (2007-04-09) PDF (205 KB)
GPS-704X Antenna Design and Performance White Paper (2013-10-24) PDF (516 KB)
L-band Antenna Performance Improvements White Paper (2013-10-24) PDF (1.2 MB)
NovAtel GL1DE™ Technology White Paper D12139 (2009-03-19) PDF (844 KB)
NovAtel SPAN® Aerial Photogrammetry Test Flight Results White Paper D11716 (2013-10-24) PDF (3.2 MB)
NovAtel's OEMV-1DF™ L1/L2 Receiver Provides RTK Positioning for Space-Constrained Applications White Paper August 2010 (2013-10-24) PDF (709 KB)
NovAtel's SPAN® GNSS/INS with the Analog Devices ADIS 16488 IMU (2007-07-09) PDF (2.5 MB)
Precise Positioning with NovAtel CORRECT Including Performance Analysis (2015-04-08) PDF (1.1 MB)
RT-2® L1TE NovAtel's Single Frequency RTK Solution White Paper D12699 (2009-10-23) PDF (902 KB)
SMART-V1 and SMART-V1G Positioning using GL1DE in an Agricultural Environment White Paper D12305 (2008-10-24) PDF (620 KB)
Weathering the Storm-GNSS and the Solar Maximum Next Generation GNSS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitoring White Paper March 2012 (2012-03-19) PDF (915 KB)