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NovAtel Waypoint Downloads

17 Second GPS-UTC Offset Patch for Version 8.50 8.50 (2015-07-24) ZIP (129 KB)
2011 RINEX Conversion Patch for Version 8.30 8.30 (2013-12-06)
ZIP (173 KB)

This patch is needed to convert RINEX data collected in 2011 to GPB format.


Google Earth profiles for download sites (2013-12-06)
ZIP (558 KB)

Google Earth profiles for all sites supported within the Download Service Data utility are available here.


Latest Manufacturer files download (2013-12-06)
ZIP (5.2 MB)

As a convenience to those who do not have internet access on the computer running Waypoint products. Please note we cannot guarantee these files will remain compatible with old software versions.

Waypoint Geoids (2013-11-25) LINK