Supplier Requirements

NovAtel values the strategic relationship we have with our Suppliers in partnering to meet our customers’ expectations. As a Lean company, NovAtel believes in continuously eliminating waste so that every step in our manufacturing process adds value to our customers. From a Supply Chain perspective, we strive to procure the right parts at the right quantities at the right time to support production and meet our customers’ expectations.

We view our supplier base as an integral part of our value creation process, and hence we strive to maintain strong long-term partnerships with our suppliers. We believe in taking a process and risk-based approach and this is reflected in the supplier requirements described in this document.

This document highlights the requirements of NovAtel that are over and above the requirements of an industry standard Quality Management System. The requirements in this document shall be considered NovAtel’s “customer specific requirements” for the purposes of Quality System conformance and audits. They derive from a combination of NovAtel’s process and risk-based approach, industry best practices, and the flow down of requirements from our customers.

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