Online Store Notifications


The NovAtel e-commerce System (NeCS) for auth code upgrade and TerraStar subscription management will not be available at the scheduled outage times listed below.  

On the September 14-17, 2018 weekend NovAtel is moving our entire network infrastructure to our new building.  This will result in a disruption of all services for a longer period than usual.  
Unlike our normal outages, where you get a response from our servers indicating that the system is currently offline, during this outage you may not get any response at all.
Any TerraStar services (contract or test service) that have already been scheduled will not be impacted by this outage.  

Scheduled Outages:
From : FRIDAY    SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 AT 18:00 HRS UTC Time
To     : MONDAY  SEPTEMBER 17, 2018 AT 04:00 HRS UTC Time

We will issue another notification when the system is available for use again.
We appreciate your understanding during this transition to our new building.

Please, contact prior to the scheduled outage if you need further details or clarification in this regard.
Thank you,

NeCS Support Team