About Positioning

Satellite based positioning provides the world's most precise location information. It is possible to acquire positioning anywhere in the world that GNSS satellite signals are available, any time of day, at data rates up to 100 Hz. Measurements can be generated in real time or processed post-mission to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

GNSS technology is most frequently used to:

  • Determine the location of an object on or with respect to the Earth for navigation
  • Locate an object with respect to another object for tracking purposes

Positioning information typically provided includes a horizontal domain (latitude/longitude or easting/northing) and a vertical domain (height).

GNSS position solutions are available in a wide range of accuracies. While the application of this technology is limitless, key applications include:

Location determination applications

  • Surveying
  • Vehicle/airplane/boat/human tracking
  • Sport applications

Guidance applications

  • Agriculture equipment operation
  • Unmanned airbornne vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles
  • Automated airplane landing


  • Real time and post-mission processed solutions
  • Standalone and relative positioning options
  • Positioning output available in numerous formats
  • Different reference frames provided

What We Offer


Real-time Standalone/Wide Area Positioning:

A single GNSS receiver operates individually or “standalone” to determine its location.

Position Type

Tracked Satellite Frequency

Horizontal 1ơ RMS Accuracy+ (m)

Single Point



Single Point



Satellite Based Augmentation System* (SBAS)





40 cm


Dual  4 cm
+Under ideal open sky environment. Solution accuracy is dependent on antenna selection.
*Region dependent.
1 Requires subscriptions to NovAtel Correction Services 

Real Time Relative/Local Based Positioning:

Requires real time code or code and phase GNSS measurement corrections from a base/reference station(s) to be transferred to the GNSS receiver (in this case referred to as rover). Radio or network type communication data link equipment is required.

Position Type

Tracked Satellite Frequency

Horizontal 1ơ RMS Accuracy+ (m)






0.01+1 ppm

+Under ideal open sky environment. Solution accuracy is dependent on antenna selection and external base/reference station(s) position accuracy.


Post-processed Positions:

When positioning measurements are not required in real time, GNSS data can be post-processed to enhance solution accuracy. Our GrafNav and Inertial Explorer® post-processing software takes advantage of both forward and backward data computations to generate the most accurate combined solution possible. Solution availability is enhanced and assessment of data quality under challenging environment can be optimized. Raw code and phase data captured from the GNSS receiver during the event is required.

Solution Type

Other Required Input

Horizontal 1ơ RMS Accuracy+ (m)

Differential GNSS~

External base/reference station raw code and phase GNSS data

0.01+1 ppm† 

Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

Precise satellite clock and precise satellite ephemeris data


+Under ideal open sky environment. Solution accuracy is dependent on antenna selection.
~ Similar to the Relative/Local Based Positioning mentioned above, Differential GNSS solution accuracy is dependent of external base/reference station(s) position accuracy.
† Dual frequency data and fixed solution.
With at least two hours of continuous, open sky, dual frequency data.

Things to Think About


When choosing a positioning solution, consider the following needs of your application:

  • Solution accuracy
  • Signal availability
  • Solution rate
  • Continuity of solution updates
  • Type of motion
  • System exportability
  • System price
  • System installation constraints
  • Real-time versus post-processed solution



OEM board level and board + enclosure GNSS receiver options

High Performance GNSS & GPS Antennas

Performance of a choke ring antenna without the size and weight. Features high phase center stability and low phase center offset. Ideal for survey, ground mapping, agriculture, construction and mining, temporary and permanent reference station applications


GrafNav is our static/kinematic baseline processor

GrafNav Static

GrafNav Static is a batch static baseline processor and network adjustment package

NovAtel CORRECT® with RTK

RTK functionality for rapid and robust centimetre-level accuracy