TerraStar-X Services

TerraStar-X enables RTK From the SkyTM using corrections delivered via L-band satellite to ensure maximum uptime without the additional investment of base station infrastructure or cellular plans. Convergence to 2 cm accuracy is achieved in less than 60 seconds and TerraStar-X service operates seamlessly with TerraStar-C PRO to ensure continuous centimeter-level accuracy for customers operating on the edges of the coverage area.

TerraStar-X Fast Convergence Region:

PI NovAtel TerraStar CornbeltMap Mid west October2019 03


  • Maximum coverage, performance and uptime without the logistics and equipment investment of an RTK network
  • 2.5 cm 95% Horizontal accuracy
  • 2 cm (sub-inch) pass to pass accuracy for agriculture applications
  • Converges in under 1 minute, significantly reducing wait time
  • Provides indefinite RTK ASSIST PRO solution for applications where traditional RTK in still required
  • Seamless operation with existing TerraStar-C PRO services