For receivers operating NovAtel CORRECT with RTK, an RTK ASSIST1 subscription ensures the receiver can maintain centimetre-level positioning accuracy for periods of outages in RTK radio or cellular network connectivity. With a RTK ASSIST subscription, the positioning solution transitions into RTK ASSIST mode and remains there until corrections are recovered, a timeout is reached or position accuracy degrades beyond a defined threshold.


  • Extended RTK operation, which improves productivity by reducing the downtime caused by RTK correction signal outages
  • Operates seamlessly in the background from the onset of an RTK correction outage, during the outage and once the connection is re-established
  • Automatically compensates for datum differences and related biases between correction sources
  • Global coverage as the technology uses the correction data delivered via the TerraStar network infrastructure
  • Provides RTK level accuracy for up to 20 minutes of correction outage 

1. RTK ASSIST is not available on OEM638 or ProPak6 products.