RTK ASSIST™ Services

Powered by TerraStar, RTK ASSIST enables NovAtel receivers to maintain centimetre-level accuracy during RTK data outages, radio signal blind spots or cellular network connectivity interruptions. RTK ASSIST automatically works in the background seamlessly engaging and disengaging between RTK correction outages. The positioning solution transitions to ASSIST mode and remains there until corrections are recovered, a timeout is reached, or position accuracy degrades beyond a defined threshold.

RTK ASSIST is available as a termed subscription directly from NovAtel for land, unmanned and airborne applications. 


  • Extended RTK operation, which improves productivity by reducing the downtime caused by RTK correction signal outages and cellular signal interruptions
  • Operates seamlessly in the background from the onset of an RTK correction outage, during the outage and once the connection is re-established
  • Automatically compensates for datum differences and other biases to the RTK solution
  • Global coverage as the technology uses TerraStar GNSS corrections generated from a worldwide network
  • RTK ASSIST uses satellite-delivered corrections over L-Band directly to end users worldwide
  • Scalable solutions including RTK ASSIST and RTK ASSIST PRO to meet different application needs


  • With an RTK ASSIST PRO subscription, unlock unlimited RTK assistance, maintaining centimetre-level accuracy for even longer RTK correction outages and downtimes
  • Provides centimetre-level positioning solution independent of RTK, enabling operations even in areas where there is no RTK base or network coverage
  • Uses corrections from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellations to provide highly accurate and reliable positioning


  • With an RTK ASSIST subscription, RTK ASSIST maintains centimetre-level positioning for up to 20 minutes of RTK correction outages


  1. RTK ASSIST PRO is available only on OEM7® products.
  2. RTK ASSIST is available on all OEM7 products and is only available on OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products.