TerraStar® Correction Services

Long-trusted as a strategic partner for high-precision positioning technology, NovAtel® offers a complete solution using TerraStar® Correction Services delivered directly to your GNSS receiver. Combining over 20 years of GNSS receiver expertise with the highest reliability clock and orbit data from our world-wide reference network means you have assured, reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.

How Does TerraStar Corrections Work

 Here's How We Deliver Sub-Meter or Centimeter-Level Positioning Accuracy 

1) Superior, independently owned and operated GNSS reference network provides the raw data to generate corrections.
2) Corrections processing generates highly precise GNSS satellite orbit, clock, biases and other systems parameters that can be delivered globally to any NovAtel receiver. 
3) Satellite-delivery of the corrections eliminates the need for base stations or cellular data plans
4) The high-rate, low-latency corrections provide NovAtel receivers with centimeter-level accuracy for any application.

TerraStar Correction Services offer a seamlessly integrated solution that delivers global coverage in any environment.

View TerraStar's coverage area here.

TerraStar Network Infrastructure:

Over 90 GNSS reference stations that are located around the world are operated, maintained and controlled by TerraStar. There are six Geostationary communication satellites, which means two beams are always visible from anywhere on earth. The TerraStar network has three network control centres and backup to front line support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Supporting Products

Other product categories which are required with this product to create a complete system.

OEM7® Receivers

Multi-frequency GNSS receivers that use a 555 channel architecture and is capable of tracking all current and upcoming GNSS constellations. Multiple form factor, configuration and firmware options available

OEM6® Receivers

GNSS platform offers comprehensive support for all current and upcoming GNSS constellations and satellite signals. Multiple form factor, configuration and firmware options available. Backward compatible with our OEMV™ series boards and firmware commands


GNSS receiver performance is dependent on your choice of antenna. We offer high performance, compact, low cost and ground reference station antennas. Our anti-jam antenna is available for military or homeland security applications

SMART Antennas

NovAtel SMART antennas are high precision products that integrate a GNSS receiver and antenna into one compact enclosure.


Accessories can be purchased to support your product development efforts or assist in product integration.


A multi-frequency GNSS SMART antenna that features NovAtel's OEM7® technology.


Dual frequency SMART Antenna with scalable positioning accuracy up to centimeter-level with TerraStar-C. Optional features include Bluetooth and Terrain Compensation.


A GNSS SMART antenna that features NovAtel's OEM7® and SPAN® technology.


Commercial MEMS IMU which Integrates with SPAN® Technology to Deliver 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude

TerraStar Global Services

TerraStar premium GNSS corrections combined with NovAtel’s OEM technology offers sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning solution for land, unmanned and airborne applications globally. TerraStar corrections are available as a termed subscription directly from NovAtel.

Service Levels 

Performance TerraStar-L1
TerraStar-C2 TerraStar-C PRO
Horizontal Accuracy3 

40 cm (RMS)

50 cm (95%)

4 cm (RMS)

5 cm (95%)

2.5 cm (RMS) 

3 cm (95%)

Vertical Accuracy3
60 cm (RMS) 6.5 cm (RMS) 5 cm (RMS)
Convergence Time4
< 5 min
30-45 min
< 18 min
Supported GNSS GPS/GLO
Supported Platform OEM7, OEM6


  • Satellite-delivered corrections eliminate the need for base station(s) and cellular network connectivity
  • TerraStar corrections superior GNSS reference network, redundant system architecture, continuous quality monitoring
  • High rate corrections provide rapid re-convergence, typically in less than 60 seconds following brief GNSS signal disruptions
  • OEM positioning technology allows continuous operation through correction signal interruptions up to 300 seconds 
  • Overlapping geostationary satellite coverage ensures maximal coverage  
  • Triple L-Band tracking5 allows better correction signals reception—even in challenging environments
  • A seamlessly integrated solution from a single source including GNSS hardware and corrections


  1.  TerraStar-L is available on OEM7 products and the following OEM6 products: OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products. 
  2. TerraStar-C is only available on OEM628, OEM638, FlexPak6, ProPak6 and SMART6-L products. 
  3. Measured performance from seven-day static data. Horizontal and vertical accuracy may differ based on receiver capabilities, location, GNSS constellation health and visibility, GNSS/L-Band signal obstructions, level of multipath/interference, and local atmospheric conditions. 
  4. Convergence times may vary by several minutes and are dependent on observing conditions including the number of visible GNSS signals, level of multipath and proximity to obstructions like large trees or buildings. 
  5. Triple L-Band tracking is supported only on OEM7 platforms. Most locations have at least two geostationary satellites in view.



TerraStar-X enables RTK From the Sky™ using corrections delivered via L-band satellite to ensure maximum uptime without the additional investment of base station infrastructure or cellular plans. Convergence to 2 cm accuracy is achieved in less than 60 seconds and TerraStar-X service operates seamlessly with TerraStar-C PRO to ensure continuous centimeter-level accuracy for customers operating on the edges of the coverage area. 


  • Maximum coverage, performance and uptime without the logistics and equipment investment of an RTK network 
  • 2.5 cm 95% horizontal accuracy 
  • 2 cm (sub-inch) pass to pass accuracy for agricultural applications
  • Converges in under 1 minute, significantly reducing wait time
  • Provides indefinite RTK ASSIST PRO solution for applications where traditional RTK is still required 
  • Seamless operation with existing TerraStar-C PRO services

TerraStar-X Fast Convergence Region

terrastar X cornbelt map july 18 02




Powered by TerraStar, RTK ASSIST enables NovAtel receivers to maintain centimetre-level accuracy during RTK data outages due to radio signal blind spots or interruptions in cellular network connectivity. RTK ASSIST seamlessly works in the background until corrections are recovered, a timeout is reached, or position accuracy degrades beyond a defined threshold.

NovAtel offers scalable solutions including RTK ASSIST and RTK ASSIST PRO to meet different application needs

  • RTK ASSIST maintains centimeter-level positioning for up to 20 minutes of RTK outages
  • RTK ASSIST PRO unlocks unlimited RTK assistance, maintaining centimeter-level accuracy for longer RTK correction outages
  • RTK ASSIST PRO also provides independent centimeter-level positioning enabling operations in areas where there is no RTK base or network coverage  


  • Extended RTK operation, which improves productivity by reducing the downtime caused by RTK correction signal outages and cellular signal interruptions
  • Automatically compensates for datum differences and other biases to the RTK solution
  • Delivers corrections over L-band with no additional hardware to end users worldwide
  1. RTK ASSIST PRO is available only on OEM7® products.
  2. RTK ASSIST is available on all OEM7 products and on OEM628, FlexPak6 and SMART6-L products. 

RTK ASSIST and RTK ASSIST PRO are available as termed subscriptions directly from NovAtel.