The STIM300 is a Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) from Sensonor. It features low noise gyros and accelerometers in a small, lightweight, environmentally sealed enclosure. The STIM300 enables precision measurements for applications that require low cost, high performance and rugged durability in a very small form factor. When integrated with NovAtel's Synchronous Position, Attitude and Navigation (SPAN) technology, this IMU is ideal for airborne and ground applications that require accurate 3D position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch and azimuth) data.


  • Low noise commercial grade gyros and accelerometers
  • Small size and lightweight
  • 10-30 VDC power input1
  • 125 Hz data rate
  • Long MTBF
  • SPAN INS functionality


  • Tactical grade IMU performance
  • Commercially exportable IMU
  • Ideal for size constrained applications
  • Easy to integrate with SPAN GNSS receivers
  • Ideal for airborne, ground and marine applications


General Info

Length (mm)
Width/Diameter (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Gyro Type



Gyro Input Range
In-run Gyro Rate Bias Stability
Angular Random Walk
Accelerometer Range
In-run Accelerometer Bias Stability

400 deg/sec
0.5 deg/hr
0.15 deg/√hr
10 g
0.05 mg

About SPAN: Tightly-Coupled GNSS +INS Technology

SPAN technology brings together two different but complementary technologies: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of IMU measurements combine to provide an exceptional 3D navigation and attitude solution that is stable and continuously available, even through periods when satellite signals are blocked.

Combining SPAN and MEMS Technology

A proprietary NovAtel MEMS Interface Card (MIC) couples the STIM300 with SPAN receiver cards, offering a unique, powerful GNSS+INS system for weight and size constrained applications. Designed as a board stack configuration for ease of integration, the MIC interfaces directly with NovAtel's small form factor OEM615™ SPAN receiver.

Require Higher Accuracy?

NovAtel's CORRECT™ with RTK or SBAS can be used to improve real-time performance and accuracy. For more demanding applications, Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Products Group offers the highest level of accuracy.


Commercial MEMS IMU which Integrates with SPAN® Technology to Deliver 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude

General Info

Length (mm)39.00
Width/Diameter (mm)45.00
Height (mm)22.00
Weight (g)55.00

Gyro Type


Supporting Products

Other product categories which are required with this product to create a complete system.


GNSS receiver performance is dependent on your choice of antenna. We offer high performance, compact, low cost and ground reference station antennas. Our anti-jam antenna is available for military or homeland security applications

SPAN® on OEM6® Receivers

SPAN capable GNSS receivers including board level and board + enclosure products

MEMS Interface Card

The compact, lightweight MIC supports power and communication functions of our SPAN MEMS solutions.

Alternate Products

Other similar products which could be used instead of the product, depending on application.


Stand-alone OEM IMU based on NovAtel's SPAN-CPT. Comprised of fiber-optic gyros and MEMS accelerometers


Gyro-based MEMS IMU manufactured by Honeywell. Economical, robust and small in size, the low power HG1900 provides high end tactical grade performance for commercial and military guidance and navigation applications


Small, Affordable MEMS IMU Pairs with SPAN Technology to Deliver 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude


Single Enclosure GNSS + INS Receiver Delivers 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude

End of Life Notice: For more information, click here



Tactical Grade, Low Noise IMU Combines with NovAtel's GNSS Technology to Provide 3D Position, Velocity and Attitude Solution


Economical, tactical grade OEM IMUs from Honeywell


Economical, tactical grade OEM IMUs from Honeywell

Optional Products

Optional products can be added to a system to add or enhance functionality.

Inertial Explorer®

Expands on the powerful features of GrafNav by adding support for loosely coupled and tightly coupled GNSS+INS processing

Compatible Products

Other items compatible with this particular product.

TerraStar Correction Services

Global and regional correction services ranging from 2 cm to 50 cm accuracy for land and airborne applications.