OEM625S SAASM Dual-Frequency GPS Receiver

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System integrators have come to rely on the centimetre-level position accuracy available in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) commercial GPS receivers. Authorized defense customers need access to the Precise Positioning Service (PPS). When keyed, the OEM625S provides an RTK PPS solution by taking the raw measurements from an L-3 XFACTOR Selective Availability Anti Spoofing Module (SAASM) and applying them to NovAtel's industry leading RTK algorithm. In the Standard Positioning Service (SPS) fallback mode, the OEM625S continues to provide centimetre-level accuracy by utilizing NovAtel's dual-frequency civil GNSS positioning engine.


  • 20Hz SAASM RTK when keyed
  • 20Hz RTK fallback mode
  • ALIGN® Relative Position & Heading
  • SPAN® INS functionality
  • PPS and SPS raw data output


  • Small form factor combination of robust SAASM GPS positioning with industry leading precision from NovAtel
  • Designed for rapid integration
  • Security approved for operational use by U.S. and Allied Forces

Easy System Integration in a Compact Size

Quality and easy integration are essential to the design and build of the OEM625S receiver. Maintaining NovAtel's standard OEMV-2 form factor ensures drop-in replacement and backward compatibility for our existing customers. NovAtel's comprehensive set of software commands facilitates system integration. SAASM security functions are provided over a dedicated interface, while the SAASM RTK position is provided through NovAtel's software command protocol.

Optional GPS + GLONASS Tracking for Greater Performance

The SPS fallback mode of the OEM625S is configurable for GPS or GPS + GLONASS. Adding GLONASS tracking increases available position in obstructed sky conditions, such as unmanned ground vehicle applications.