ProPak6™ Triple-Frequency GNSS Receiver

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ProPak6™ is an enclosure product manufactured by NovAtel. From standalone metre-level to RTK centimetre-level positioning, the ProPak6 is flexible to meet your positioning needs. Reliability is safeguarded as a result of the extremely rugged and water resistant IP67 housing combined with its wide operating temperature range. NovAtel has also assured faster time to market by reducing integration time with standardized software and hardware connections. The ProPak6 offers optional GPRS/HSPA cellular modem and/or heading options to provide a solution for many applications.


  • 240 channels
  • Scalable positioning options from metre to centimetre-level
  • Standard connectors for simple interfacing
  • 4 GB onboard memory for data logging
  • Standard Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Optional GPRS/HSPA cellular modem
  • Optional heading


  • Efficient integration with standard hardware and software interfaces and experienced staff
  • Future proof for upcoming GNSS signal support
  • Reliable use in harsh environments with the IP67 housing
  • Multiple communication interfaces for easy integration and installation
  • SPAN® ready


System Type Enclosed  
General Info Length (mm) 190.00
  Width/Diametre (mm) 185.00
  Height (mm) 75.00
  Weight (g) 1790.00
  Typical Power Consumption (W) 3.50
Signal Tracking GPS L1, L2, L2C, L5
  Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, AltBOC
  BeiDou B1l, B2l
  QZSS L1, L2C, L5
Number of Com Ports Bluetooth 1
  CAN Bus 2
  Cellular 1
  Ethernet 1
  RS-232 3
  RS-422 3
  USB Host 1
  USB Device 1
Performance1 Accuracy (RMS)
  Single Point L1 1.5m
  Single Point L1/L2 1.2m
  SBAS 0.6m
  DGPS 0.4m
  NovAtel CORRECT™  
  TerraStar-C 4cm
  Veripos Apex 6cm
  RT-2® 1cm+1ppm

The ProPak6 provides numerous interfaces including multiple RS-232/RS-422 serial ports, CAN Bus, USB host and device as well as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and optional cellular radio. Standard interfaces are provided through conventional connectors, eliminating the need for hard to find and expensive custom cables. The ProPak6 also features advanced Ethernet support for remote configuration and access of data logs. Installation and configuration time is reduced with multiple communication options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional GPRS/HSPA cellular modem.

1. TerraStar-L and RTK ASSIST are not available on the ProPak6. 

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