GNSS Receiver Board Enclosures

NovAtel's OEM GNSS enclosures house our GNSS receiver boards. Available in a range of form factors, these compact, environmentally protective enclosures provide a variety of connectivity and configuration capabilities.


This compact dual antenna enclosure delivers scalable positioning performance with internal storage.


This compact enclosure has internal storage and INS options combined with onboard NTRIP v1.0 and v2.0 client and server support.


Rugged Enclosure Delivers Scalable GNSS with Heading and Wireless Communication Options


Small, lightweight housing for our OEM628 GNSS receiver. Includes Ethernet and CAN Bus connectivity and features a wide input voltage range


Rugged Enclosure Provides SAASM RTK for Simplified Integration and Quicker Time to Market


Compact enclosure featuring dual antenna, dual-frequency GNSS receiver with RTK and Heading capabilities

FlexPak-G2 with OEMStar

Delivers L1 GPS + GLONASS positioning and measurements in combination with GPS data to provide increased satellite availability for positioning in challenging environments.