SPAN® Rail Profile

NovAtel’s intelligent rail dynamics modelling and patented Antenna Phase Windup technology come together in NovAtel’s SPAN Rail firmware to provide accurate position, velocity and attitude for rail applications. The SPAN Rail profile maintains similar accuracy and performance of the SPAN Land Vehicle while operating in an environment with a constant speed and less dynamic motion. 

Typical performance over long duration outage is comparable to SPAN Land Vehicle Profile


  • Continuous position, velocity and attitude output through extended GNSS outage
  • Enhanced navigation performance in low dynamic applications
  • SPAN intelligent railway dynamics modeling
  • Patented Antenna Phase Windup technology
  • Available for all SPAN supported IMUs

Supporting Products

Other product categories which are required with this product to create a complete system.


GNSS receiver performance is dependent on your choice of antenna. We offer high performance, compact, low cost and ground reference station antennas. Our anti-jam antenna is available for military or homeland security applications

SPAN® on OEM7® Receivers

Multi-frequency GNSS receivers that use a 555 channel architecture and is capable of tracking all current and upcoming GNSS constellations. Multiple form factor, configuration and firmware options available


IMUs from leading manufacturers. Range of performance levels available