Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)

RAIM firmware provides receiver autonomous integrity monitoring for broadcast GNSS signals. RAIM employs Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) which uses redundant pseudorange measurements to detect and exclude faulty signals that may cause positioning instability. The position solution is recomputed to ensure continuous operation in the presence of a GNSS failure.


  • Based On RTCA DO-229D (2006)
  • Uses redundant pseudorange measurements to detect and exclude faulty signals
  • User alerts when RAIM is not available


  • Improved position solution when individual satellites experience pseudorange
  • Improved GNSS system integrity

Enhance Positioning Solution

When satellites experience pseudorange measurement errors that typically cause significant positioning error, RAIM can be used to enhance the positioning solution. The RAIM algorithm is able to detect the pseudorange anomaly and eliminate it from the position solution. The receiver is then able to recalculate the position with the bad pseudorange removed and produce a position with far less error.

Customized Performance

While used primarily for aviation navigation systems requiring signal and position integrity during various stages of flight, RAIM parameters can be customized to meet the requirements of a range of applications requiring continuous operational confirmation.

Supporting Products

Other product categories which are required with this product to create a complete system.


OEM board level and board + enclosure GNSS receiver options


GNSS receiver performance is dependent on your choice of antenna. We offer high performance, compact, low cost and ground reference station antennas. Our anti-jam antenna is available for military or homeland security applications


Accessories can be purchased to support your product development efforts or assist in product integration.


Dual Frequency plus L-band SMART Antenna featuring OEM6 technology. Supports sub-metre (single point and GLIDE), decimetre (TerraStar) and centimetre (TerraStar and RTK) level accuracies.


Dual Frequency SMART Antenna with optional tilt compensation and Bluetooth communication featuring OEM6 technology. Supports sub-metre (single point and GLIDE) and centimetre (RTK) level accuracies.