Land Applications


  • Corporate asset and infrastructure management
  • 3D imagery for online mapping tools, street level views and mobile apps using map data
  • Road mapping and highway facilities management by local and federal governments
  • Accurate assessment of road or highway conditions for emergency response planning and day-to-day travels       
  • Military and defense applications that survey changes in landscapes or movement of assets or troops
  • Rail and utility corridors
  • Indoor mapping


  • NovAtel’s SPAN® technology couples NovAtel’s GNSS receiver technology with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). We offer a variety of IMUs to provide the accuracy required by each application. In land mobile mapping applications varied degrees of accuracy and IMU grades would be needed.
  • Maximize the performance of your GNSS/INS hardware by getting the position, velocity and attitude accuracy your application requires with assistance from Waypoint post processing tools.
  • Integrate NovAtel’s SPAN technology with wheel sensors, cameras, LiDAR and other sensors to achieve the best results. 
  • NovAtel CORRECT™ provides a single source for GNSS correction services and support. As a comprehensive NovAtel supplied solution it makes it easy to achieve the best possible position. Centimetre, decimetre, and metre-level solutions are available with corrections delivered by TerraStar.