Electronic Protection

To ensure that position, navigation and timing (PNT) are continuously available, NovAtel has the technology to provide protection from interference and intentional jamming.

NovAtel offers a number of protection techniques, with the level of protection increasing as the number of techniques used increases.

Adversaries may choose to jam GNSS for tactical purposes and may deploy many small low power jammers to disrupt GNSS over wide areas. NovAtel’s GAJT GPS anti-jam technology is a commercial off-the-shelf antenna that nulls jamming signals to ensure satellite signals required for GPS receivers will be available.

Anti Jam

Multi-frequency receivers also provide a means of protecting against interference. NovAtel OEM6 and OEM7™ receivers can use all current GNSS constellations and open signals which provide improved availability and reliability.

Spoofing makes a victim receiver ‘think’ that it is at a different location than it really is. This occurs when an adversary generates a false signal that supplants the real signal. The most robust way to protect against spoofing is for an authorized user to operate a receiver like NovAtel’s OEM625S SAASM GPS receiver, to track the military encrypted Y-code signal on GPS L1 and L2.