Environment and Technology

Extremely harsh environments are commonplace in construction, mining and industrial operations. The technology needs to perform in dusty, greasy, high-vibration locations. It needs to be dependable on the job because every minute counts. NovAtel has the technology to keep up with your challenging environments. Here's how our technology can help:

  • Hardware enhancements such as high vibration oscillators and rugged, environmentally sealed receiver enclosures
  • Algorithm enhancements such as NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK offers centimetre level accuracy
  • ALIGN® heading firmware uses GPS, GLONASS and SBAS to provide high solution accuracy and availability – even in difficult environments
  • Integrated systems such as GNSS + Inertial technology for continuous positioning, navigation and attitude – even through short periods of satellite signal interruption
  • Multi-constellation support including GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • OEM615 and OEM628 receivers are available with High Vibration TCXO hardware variants to minimize the effect that vibrations can have on a receiver  

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