Detection and Geolocation of GNSS Interference Sources Webinar

As unintentional interference becomes more widespread and intentional jamming becomes more sophisticated, the matter demands the urgent attention and care of all GNSS and PNT providers, designers, manufacturers and integrators. With an increase in real-world incidents of GNSS signal jamming and a rising number of valuable infrastructures depending on GNSS integrity and continuity, GNSS interference is now an everyday reality and challenge in many sectors.  

GNSS Interference Webinar ScreenshotThe latest offering of Inside GNNS’s continuing professional education series explores this topic, with the webinar “Detection and Geolocation of GNSS Interference Sources.” In this webinar, Paul Alves, Technology Manager for Corrections Services at NovAtel®, is joined by other leading experts in the field to share their research and solutions into the technology of interference detection.

Several case studies are investigated, compared and discussed by these experts, with data showing how results were obtained and probable jamming sources identified. The webinar will provide valuable insights for the design, use and troubleshooting of a broad range of GNSS-reliant products, systems and infrastructure. 

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