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Laptop GPS Navigation

In the early 90's, NovAtel unveiled a new C/A-code portable GPS tracking receiver. One of the many unique characteristics of this laptop GPS navigation compatible receiver was a 10 cm C/A-code measuring noise level, i.e., one order of magnitude better than any other C/A-code receiver technology currently on the laptop GPS navigation compatible components market. Such a high accuracy was important for solving the carrier phase ambiguities rapidly, either in static or kinematics mode, and exploiting the millimetre accuracy level provided by carrier phase measurements.

Another unique feature of this new technology was the optional use of Narrow Correlator® spacing in the C/A-code tracking loops to reject multipath interference more effectively. The lo-channel, 2/3-length board unit was designed to fit in a PC slot. A model Grid 1535 EXP laptop GPS navigation system containing one of the units was used for the test, together with two antennas, one fitted with a 37 cm diameter choke ring ground plane to reduce multipath effects. This was an early example of continuing advancements in laptop GPS navigation.

Portable GPS Tracking & USB GPS Receivers

Since then, a number of advancements have been made in the area of portable GPS tracking. Optional portable GPS tracking receivers are available on the market but NovAtel's SPAN™ technology eliminates the need for such products and opens up a new world of portable GPS tracking options. For added convenience, many NovAtel products offer USB GPS receiver connectivity. USB GPS receiver connectivity allows you to connect your GPS receiver directly to your PC's USB port. Installation for many of these USB GPS receivers is very easy. After connecting the USB port of the NovAtel USB GPS receiver to a USB port on the PC, the 'Found New Hardware' wizard appears. When it does, simply click 'Next,' and follow the instructions. To reach NovAtel support, please click here.

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