NovAtel Competitor Survey

NovAtel faces competition primarily from other developers and suppliers of high-precision positioning component technology and GPS navigation system elements which are sold to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and system integrators for commercial applications, as well as from OEMs who choose to develop and produce GPS navigation system component technology in-house.

CSI Wireless

CSI Wireless (single frequency level) offers high-precision GPS navigation system solutions to OEMs and develops, produces and markets products that are sold directly to end-users. CSI Wireless products fall into three categories: wireless products, GPS products, and combined wireless-GPS products. CSI Wireless' head offices are in Calgary, Alberta, and they have other offices in Milpitas, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 1990, CSI Wireless has customers in almost 50 countries.

Thales Navigation

Thales Navigation is an innovator of GPS navigation system technology, navigation and guidance equipment with operations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Known for its Magellan, MLR, Ashtech, and DSNP brands, Thales Navigation offers a broad range of GPS navigation system and positioning solutions for consumers and professional customers around the world. Now streamlining its portfolio of brands to maximize marketing resources, Thales Navigation offers all of its consumer products under the Magellan brand and all of its professional solutions under the Thales Navigation brand.

NovAtel works with OEMs in a highly collaborative and cooperative process to provide them with the core technology that becomes integrated into their end products and solutions. Our management team believes that the non-competitive nature of its relationships with OEMs is a key differentiator and a competitive advantage for NovAtel relative to other suppliers.

About NovAtel

NovAtel Inc. is a leading provider of precise global positioning and augmentation technologies designed to afford its customers rapid integration and exceptional return on investment. For information on our products or services, please contact us for more information.


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