GPS Tracking Product Spotlight: GPS-600-LB

NovAtel's GPS-600-LB is a lightweight antenna designed to take advantage of GPS+ technology by providing access to GPS L1 and L2 as well as OmniSTAR and Canada Wide Differential GPS (CDGPS) L-band frequencies with one common antenna ensuring superior GPS accuracy for precise geospatial measurements.

When used in combination with NovAtel's ProPak®-LBplus and either the OmniSTAR or CDGPS service, decimeter to sub-meter level accuracies for geospatial data can be achieved. The OmniSTAR GPS tracking service is accessible worldwide with a subscription in both VBS (standard) and HP (high performance) modes offering real-time CDGPS positioning from meter to decimeter level GPS accuracy. CDGPS is a free utility well suited to the real-time geospatial data collection of North American users. The data signal is structured to perform well in difficult or foliated conditions and provides sub-meter GPS accuracy.

The GPS-600-LB is smaller, lighter, and more economical than a separate GPS and L-band antenna solution. With a sealed radome to protect against severe weather and hostile environments, the rugged, compact housing of the GPS-600-LB is well suited to diverse GPS tracking applications, including marine environments, precision agriculture, and mobile applications. Additionally, it features a wide operational temperature range and functions well in high vibration applications.

The GPS-600-LB offers flexibility in site selection and inclination by tracking satellites low on the horizon. For increased ease of use, a single TNC connector is used for both input power and output of the RF signal. Additionally, the GPS-600-LB can be used for both RTK and L-band GPS tracking, making it a single antenna that can utilize any mode of geospatial positioning.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides access to OmniSTAR and CDGPS L-band technology to ensure uncompromising GPS accuracy
  • L-band and GPS tracking with one antenna Rugged, environmentally sealed housing Sub-meter to decimeter-level GPS accuracy without the need of a separate base station Versatility and utilization of any mode of GPS positioning to track geospatial data
  • Suitable for extreme environments and high vibration applications
About NovAtel

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