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Agriculture is an emerging market for the use of GPS technology. In precision farming, GPS technology can be used for crop dusting, yield monitoring, terrain analysis, soil sampling, variable rate technology and precise guidance. Precision farming is gaining increased acceptance as a result of cost savings, increased yields and reduced environmental impact resulting from effective and efficient applications of chemicals, fertilizers and seed.

In precision farming, positional accuracies of one to three meters are required for crop dusting, soil sampling and yield monitoring. Higher accuracy is necessary for terrain analysis, variable rate technology and precise guidance. In these precision farming cases, the agriculture user requires real time positioning at the 20 centimetre level or better with fast updates. The operating environment in agriculture is often severe with heavy vibration and shock, as well as dust and rain. Precision farming GPS equipment must be robust and reliable to stand up to the demands of this market.


Company major shareholder CMC Electronics designs and produces leading technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets. Certified GPS receivers developed jointly with CMC Electronics have been installed in Honeywell airborne and LAAS systems. Our partnership with CMC Electronics has allowed us to push more deeply into the emerging avionics market. Custom positioning components have been produced by CMC Electronics for commercial and military use. Most recently, CMC Electronics' latest aviation GPS receiver was selected by BAE Systems for integration in precision landing system receivers for the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Avionics Upgrade Program.

International Satellite Systems

NovAtel's GPS products are designed to work with not only the U.S. based NAVSTAR system, but also the Russian based GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System). GLONASS resembles GPS in that it provides services both to the military establishment that developed it and to civilian users worldwide. GLONASS does not degrade the civilian signal and therefore offers an accuracy of 25 to 30 meters. However, political, economic and military uncertainties in Russia have raised doubts about the reliability of GLONASS. The European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA) are completing plans to launch full-scale development of a new generation global navigation satellite system ("Galileo"), in which NovAtel may play a role, to supersede GLONASS.

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NovAtel Inc. is a leading provider of precise global positioning and augmentation technologies designed to afford its customers rapid integration and exceptional return on investment. For information on our products or services, please contact us for more information.

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