NovAtel announces GrafNav/GrafNet® and Inertial Explorer® Term License Options, Waypoint SDK Release 8.50, Waypoint Product Training

New Licensing Options for GrafNav/GrafNet® and Inertial Explorer®

Term-based licenses are now available for NovAtel's popular GrafNav and Inertial Explorer software packages. The term based option lowers the up-front investment required for customers to gain access to the benefits of GNSS or GNSS/INS post-processing. One-year term licenses are available for GrafNav/GrafNet, GrafNav Static and Inertial Explorer. There are no Post Contractual Support (PCS) fees associated with term licenses.

For the duration of the term customers have access to:

  • Unlimited GNSS or GNSS/INS processing
  • The latest version of GrafNav or Inertial Explorer including all patches and version releases
  • Expert customer support via phone and email
  • Grafnav/GrafNet and GrafNav Static term licenses include command-line processing functionality for batch processing of multiple datasets outside of the GUI

Please contact for more information or for a demo of this product or for pricing.

GrafNav/GrafNet software is NovAtel's industry leading high-precision GNSS post-processing and network adjustment package. GrafNav's differential processing engine features fast, reliable kinematic ambiguity resolution as well as Precise Point Positioning (PPP) for applications where base station setup is difficult or not desired. Inertial Explorer software extends the functionality of GrafNav/GrafNet by incorporating raw IMU data to offer high-precision GNSS/INS post-processing. The package supports raw IMU data from NovAtel's SPAN® systems or from nearly any IMU using a customizable data input format. By tightly integrating GNSS and IMU data from a mobile platform with data from as many as eight static base stations, accurate position, velocity and attitude is computed. A smoother is available for combining the forward and reverse trajectories to give an optimal solution in even the most challenging of GNSS conditions.

SDK Version 8.50 Release

The Waypoint Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you complete control over the GrafNav and Inertial Explorer post-processing functions. The SDK allows developers to completely control the end user experience of all aspects of data processing including base station downloads, data conversion, data processing, solution output and quality control. The processing workflow can be completely customized to meet the requirements of any application. The 8.50 SDK release enhances the control customers have over their processing settings, data output and quality control measures. New features also extend workflow automation capability for high data-volume customers.

New Features Include:

  • Method to detect and retrieve the optimum processing profile based on pre-scan of the raw data
  • Support for absolute antenna calibrations including specification of the radome and the height reference point
  • Improved analysis capability in the pre-processing data screening method
  • Option to select which processing direction to use for solution results export
  • Support for NovAtel SPAN ADIS16488 IMU
  • Support for NavCom Sapphire/SF-30x0 receivers
  • Optional auto-detection of data format when converting raw data files

Detailed release notes are available on our website at

All customers within a valid Post-Contractual Support period or with a current term license will receive this upgrade free of charge. To inquire about your upgrade status, please contact with your license activation number.

A full list of NovAtel dealers can be found at

Upcoming Waypoint Training

NovAtel will be hosting a GrafNav™ and Inertial Explorer™ training seminar in Paris, France on October 29, 30 and 31 2013. For more information, pricing, or to register please see our training page at

Hydrographic Survey and Waypoint training sessions are scheduled for October, 2013 in Sydney and Perth, Australia and South East Asia, respectively. - See more at:

Posted on 06/08/2013