NovAtel® Provides Precise Navigation and Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) Protection for Twin Hulled Offshore Raider

(Calgary, Alberta - August 29, 2013) NovAtel will be participating with CTruk in a demonstration of the new Twin Hulled Offshore Raider (THOR), at the DSEI exhibition from September 10 - 13, 2013 in London, UK. This marine vessel is a fast, stable and multi-role force protection craft for which NovAtel provides precise navigation equipment and NAVWAR protection.

Designed by CTruk, THOR incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided by the CTruk Collaborative Amphibious Project (CAP) consortium of which NovAtel is a member. The result of this teamwork is a multi-role, reconfigurable and affordable vessel with a range of applications from force protection to disaster relief.

To ensure that THOR's surveillance, weapon and targeting systems are correctly synchronised, and in order to operate in joint fires operations, THOR is equipped with precise positioning, navigation and time (PNT) systems from NovAtel. This technology ensures that all of the sub-systems are aligned and ready to give accurate results supported by a precisely timed 'heartbeat'. NAVWAR electronic protection, which ensures continuity of correct data in the face of jamming and other interference, is also safeguarded with NovAtel components.

The three precise navigation and NAVWAR protection elements provided by NovAtel are:

GAJT-700MS GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT®)

To protect against GPS jamming, the GAJT-700MS has been fitted onto the vessel. GAJT creates "nulls" in the direction of jammers so that the system can continue to receive the strongest signal from the GPS satellites.



OEM628 GNSS Receiver

The OEM628™ high precision Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver will equip THOR's navigation systems with NovAtel's advanced GNSS positioning technology. Although not used at this time on THOR, NovAtel also offers its OEM625S Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM) receiver in a foot print compatible form factor to the OEM628 for customers requiring the protection of SAASM GPS.



NovAtel SPAN®

THOR's navigation system incorporates NovAtel's SPAN® GNSS + Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) technology to provide continuous position, velocity and attitude, even through short periods of time when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. SPAN is available with a range of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU); in this case the Honeywell HG1700 AG62 (pictured left).



Daily demonstrations are scheduled for 12:00 and 15:30 at the waterborne demonstration area at DSEI. The CTruk THOR will be available for viewing throughout the exhibition. NovAtel's products will also be displayed at booth S4-337 by Forsberg Services Ltd., NovAtel's UK dealer, who integrated NovAtel's components onto THOR. NovAtel's OEM628 GNSS receiver also powers their CPUpak system, which is in service with a number of navies.

About CTruk & THOR

1. CTruk THOR (Twin Hulled Offshore Raider) has been designed to fulfil a number of roles including:

  • Force protection of the amphibious sea lanes
  • Casualty extraction
  • Pre-landing force
  • Riverine patrol
  • Protection of harbours and offshore installations
  • Disaster relief

2. THOR has been designed and built by CTruk and incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided through the CTruk Collaborative Amphibious Project (CTruk CAP): a consortium of companies that have joined forces to compete in a market dominated by larger corporations. With CTruk as the lead, other companies involved in the CTruk CAP are:

  • Barrus - providing twin Yanmar 8LV-370, 370hp Marine Diesel Inboard Engines and engineering support. Additional 24v alternators to power the control system of the Rolls-Royce Jet Drives and modified water pump mounting position to provide improved accessibility.
  • CA Clase - providing KVH GyroTrac compass. A digital magnetic compass stabilised by a three-axis gyro sensor which provides drift free precision
  • Enterprise Control Systems - providing high quality, encrypted, bi-directional, full motion video & IP data links.
  • FLIR Systems - providing TALON 25x marinised compact surveillance system for long-range target identification and tracking.
  • Forsberg Services - providing CPUPak integrated navigation system for precise navigation, sensors, targeting and weapon systems - in conjunction with NovAtel.
  • Kelvin Hughes - providing SharpEye SCV (small craft variant) solid state radar.
  • NovAtel - providing GAJT GPS Anti-Jam Technology - in conjunction with Forsberg Services.
  • Rolls-Royce - providing Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjet propulsion.
  • Saab - providing Trackfire 50Cal Remote Weapon Station.
  • SCISYS - providing MACSYS - Crew Integration System: brings together all electronic on/off-board devices/systems, within a single user interface, for mission critical data. Open architecture has high reliability/redundancy, allows easy addition of new/updated equipment to the interface, plus reversionary (back-up) modes.
  • Scot Seats -Internal crew and troop shock mitigated seating.
  • Talking Headsets - providing professional communications solutions for boat crew including head, face and ear protective equipment.
  • TenCate Advanced Armour - providing advanced lightweight composite armour systems.
  • Trend Marine Products Ltd - providing bullet resistant glazing.
  • Vision4ce - providing ruggedised PCs client and servers.

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Posted on 29/08/2013