NovAtel Inc. Announces SPAN® on OEM638TM and ProPak6TM Firmware Release OMP060310RN0000

NovAtel Inc. is pleased to announce the release of firmware version OMP060310RN0000 firmware for SPAN on OEM638 and ProPak6 GNSS receiver products. This is a first release of SPAN firmware in OEM638 based products.

OMP060310RN0000 provides support for all existing SPAN IMUs. New features include:

  • Full feature set available on SPAN-SE and SPAN-MPPC is now available on the OEM6 product line including:
  • Additional input and output strobes for event timing or device triggering
  • Generic wheel sensor input through the input strobes
  • API support for SPAN products
  • Four additional serial COM ports available

NovAtel is committed to providing excellent value to our customers in the form of firmware updates and upgrades. By providing this functionality as a firmware update, customers can apply it to their existing receivers, enabling quick changeover and now downtime. This firmware update is available for free of charge to all customers.

For more information on NovAtel products and latest firmware, please contact your local sales representative. A complete list of NovAtel dealers is available at


Posted on 20/12/2013