Protection and Robustness are the Foundations of NovAtel's Navigation Warfare Products for the Unmanned Market

(Calgary, Alberta - August 12, 2013) NovAtel®, an OEM provider of high precision positioning products, has enhanced its portfolio of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) solutions with the expansion of the GAJT™ GPS anti-jamming technology product range. NovAtel is exhibiting these products in addition to its existing military and defense technologies at Booth 4029 at AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2013 in Washington, DC from August 12 - 15.

GPS Anti-Jam for Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs)

Based on NovAtel's game-changing GAJT anti-jam system, GAJT-AE is designed for size and weight constrained applications such as small airborne and ground unmanned platforms where it is preferable to mount the antenna electronics inside the vehicle. Users can select any suitable four-element antenna to connect to the GAJT-AE electronics to suit their platform, providing high-end performance in a small, light package. A prototype GAJT-AE for L1 GPS (civil signals) is currently available for selected customers and a full broadband L1/L2 version is planned for release at the end of 2013, in both card level and enclosure level options.

GPS Anti-Jam for Marine

Evolving the anti-jam capability provided by their existing GAJT 700ML for land vehicles, NovAtel is developing the GAJT-700MS, a marine version which is scheduled for launch in late 2013. Until now, the high cost and large size of Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas (CRPAs) has limited their use to the largest capital ships while other vessels in the fleet were left vulnerable to GPS interference. GAJT-700MS combines a CRPA and null forming electronics into a marine hardened enclosure that is suitable for installation on a range of marine vessels. GAJT-700MS mitigates interference by creating nulls in the antenna gain pattern in the direction of jammers, providing significant anti-jam protection even in dynamic multi-jammer scenarios.

Neil Gerein, Product Manager, Military & Defence commented, “With the GAJT-AE and the GAJT-700MS, NovAtel continues to expand our navigation warfare products to offer protection to a greater number of critical platforms.” Gerein added, “GPS navigation is a key capability for many unmanned platforms, and providing anti-jam protection is necessary as threats emerge.”

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Posted on 12/08/2013