News Releases 2013

20/12/2013 NovAtel® Supplies Reference Receivers for IRNSS Ground Segment
20/12/2013 NovAtel Inc. Announces SPAN® on OEM638TM and ProPak6TM Firmware Release OMP060310RN0000
12/12/2013 End of Life for Various ANT-series Antennas
08/11/2013 NovAtel® Inc. Launches NovAtel CORRECT™ OEM Positioning Solution
01/10/2013 NovAtel® Inc. Awarded FAA Contract to Supply WAAS G-lll Reference Receivers for its Third Generation SBAS System
15/09/2013 End of Life of OEMV-3G™ and OEMV-3GHV™
15/09/2013 End of Life of ProPak-V3TM and DL-V3TM Series Products
03/09/2013 NORBIT Selects NovAtel® SPAN® for Integration into the NORBIT iWBMS Compact Bathymetry Sonar
03/09/2013 NovAtel® Introduces Commercial Tactical Grade MEMS IMU
29/08/2013 NovAtel® Provides Precise Navigation and Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) Protection for Twin Hulled Offshore Raider
12/08/2013 NovAtel® Continues to Power the Unmanned Industry
12/08/2013 Protection and Robustness are the Foundations of NovAtel's Navigation Warfare Products for the Unmanned Market
06/08/2013 NovAtel announces GrafNav/GrafNet® and Inertial Explorer® Term License Options, Waypoint SDK Release 8.50, Waypoint Product Training
30/07/2013 End of Life announced for SMART-MR10 and SMART-MR15 Antennas
19/07/2013 End of Life Announced for SMART-AG Antennas
19/07/2013 Hydrographic Survey & Waypoint® Training
19/07/2013 NovAtel® and SEAHORSE Geomatics Technical Paper
16/07/2013 Two Advanced GNSS Positioning Products Added to NovAtel's OEM6® Signature Receiver Line
15/07/2013 SMART6™ Integrated GNSS SMART Antenna
15/07/2013 AG-STAR™ GNSS SMART Antenna
18/06/2013 New End of Life for GrafMov™ and GrafNav Lite Software
18/06/2013 End of Life Announced for RTKNav™
03/05/2013 Next-Generation SPAN-CPT™
03/05/2013 End of Life for SPAN-CPT on OEMV
09/04/2013 End of Life Announced for SMART-V1 and SMART-V1G Antennas
20/03/2013 New Series of SPAN® MEMS IMU Products Introduced by NovAtel
18/03/2013 New SMART6-L™ Integrated GNSS Antenna from NovAtel Provides Ultra-Smooth Positioning and Exceptional Pass-to-Pass Accuracy
07/02/2013 NovAtel Announces New OEM-ADIS-16488 Micro Electromechanical System (MEMS) IMU
16/01/2013 NovAtel GNSS Receivers Provide BeiDou Support