NovAtel Releases Version 8.40 of Waypoint® Post-Processing Software Products

NovAtel is pleased to announce Version 8.40 of its suite of post-processing products including: Inertial Explorer®, GrafNav/GrafNet®, GrafMov™ and GrafNav Lite™.

GrafNav/GrafNet software is NovAtel's industry leading high-precision GNSS post-processing and network adjustment package.  GrafNav's differential processing engine features fast, reliable kinematic ambiguity resolution.  It includes Precise Point Positioning (PPP) for applications where base station setup is difficult or not desired.  PPP uses downloadable GNSS clock and orbital corrections to compute accurate post processed solutions.  GrafNet, included with GrafNav, is a batch static and network adjustment package used for station coordinate determination or checking.  Powerful graphical solution analysis tools are included in both products.

Inertial Explorer software extends the functionality of GrafNav/GrafNet by incorporating raw IMU data to offer high-precision GNSS/INS post-processing. The package supports raw IMU data from NovAtel's SPAN systems or from nearly any IMU using a customizable data input format. By tightly integrating GNSS data from both a roving station and as many as eight base stations, with raw data from the IMU, accurate position, velocity and attitude is computed. A smoother is available for combining the forward and reverse trajectories to give an optimal solution in even the most challenging of GNSS conditions.

Version 8.40 software delivers significant new features to the GrafNav/GrafNet/GrafMov range of products:

  • GLONASS enhancements including GG PPP support
  • Full GLONASS support within the download utility including options for re-sampling
  • AdVance® RTK engine improvements and processing options to enhance multi-base processing
  • Support for RINEX 3.0
  • Raw data converter pre-processing checks to optimize static/kinematic flags
  • GrafMov users can now take advantage of ARTK in their applications
  • Predictive processing profile configuration based auto detected dynamic profiles
  • Auto-notification of manufacturer file updates.

Major new features of Inertial Explorer include:

  • All applicable new GrafNav features
  • Improvements to the RTS Smoother in Inertial Explorer for LIDAR and road profiling applications
  • High rate IMU plots for improved data analysis
  • Body Frame acceleration and velocities can be embedded.

All customers currently within their PCS period will receive this upgrade free of charge. To inquire about your upgrade status, please contact with your four digit hardlock number.

Contact our customer service department at or your NovAtel dealer for further information. A full list of NovAtel dealers can be found at

Detailed release notes are available on our website at

Posted on 07/12/2011