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A Focus on Safety

A look at NovAtel’s new specialized Safety Critical Systems Group and what goes into developing safety-certified products.

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Modernizing a Safety Critical System

NovAtel has supplied the Federal Aviation Administration with the reference receiver for the agency’s GPS Wide Area Augmentation System since the program’s inception. Here’s a look at why that receiver, the G-III, is so vital to WAAS, and the recent modernization that makes it even more accurate and robust.

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Autonomous Vehicles The Real Stuff

Future autonomous vehicle rollouts will be aided by GNSS technology that provides accurate positioning in the most demanding traffic and weather conditions.

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Schiebel’s highly successful CAMCOPTER® S-100 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) now features NovAtel’s compact GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) as a standard option, making it virtually unbeatable in its class in GPS-unfriendly environments.

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OEM7™: The Next Generation in Reliable Positioning

NovAtel’s updated receiver features a variety of new capabilities designed to improve customer missions, no matter the application or market.

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Profile in Performance

LiDAR USA Looks to Transform the Vehicular Mobile Mapping Market

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On Target

Meggitt Target Systems turns to NovAtel for precise positioning in its unmanned target systems, and also works with a variety of manufacturers in Alberta, Canada, to develop their vehicles.

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A Compact Powerhouse for Mobile GIS

PPM’s 10xx GNSS sensor is small and user-friendly, and with NovAtel’s OEM617 inside it makes a powerful tool for the GIS sector, where high accuracy and portability are transforming the way we build and use maps and other geographical data.

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SwissDrones SDO 50V2

SwissDrones’ VTOL SDO 50V2, also known as the Dragon 50V2, is a multi-purpose, single-engine, unmanned helicopter system whose unique design features, including a powerful NovAtel GNSS module, deliver superior payload capacity and endurance, stable autonomous flight and excellent safety performance. And, the drone world has noticed.