Documentation and Installation

The latest GrafNav / GrafNet manual can be found here.

The latest Inertial Explorer manual can be found here and is designed to be used in conjunction with the GrafNav manual.

To access all available support documentation, manuals, and waypoint downloads including the latest software version patches and manufacturer files, please click here and select your Waypoint Software product.

Waypoint software can be downloaded from our dedicated FTP sites and password protected pages. Please contact or your NovAtel sales representative for login credentials to our download sites.

It is important to distinguish between the software-based and USB setups. A user must select a setup executable that corresponds with their method of licensing. Once the setup executable is downloaded, please run the program and follow the installation instructions.

The latest Microsoft .NET Framework and Sentinel drivers (USB licensing only) are required for proper operation and validation of Waypoint software. These components will be downloaded and installed during setup if the latest versions are not already installed on the processing machine.