About Waypoint Products Group Software


GrafNav is a full-featured kinematic and static GNSS post-processing package that uses a proprietary GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou processing engine. It supports multi-baseline (MB) processing, moving baseline processing, Precise Point Positioning (PPP), and directly supports many different receiver formats.

Step-by-step instructions for first-time users can be found on this support page, as well as in the latest GrafNav/GrafNet manual.

Inertial Explorer

Inertial Explorer builds upon NovAtel's GNSS-only processor, GrafNav. Inertial Explorer shares a similar interface to GrafNav but also includes IMU processing capabilities. Both loosely coupled and tightly coupled are supported for both differential and Precise Point Positioning (PPP).

Inertial Explorer is well integrated with NovAtel SPAN products, however support is also available for processing third party IMU data. Inertial Explorer comes preconfigured with aerial, ground vehicle, pedestrian, and marine processing profiles. Inertial Explorer supports an external DMI, heading updates, external coordinate and velocity updates along with gyro stabilized mounts. 

Step-by step procedures on how to process data in Inertial Explorer can be found on this support page, as well as the latest Inertial Explorer manual.